MG Chemicals

Acrylic Conductive Coatings (AR Series)

Acrylic Conductive Coatings (Original Series)

Epoxy Conductive Coatings (ER Series)

Water Based Conductive Coatings (WB Series)

MG Chemicals Polylactic Acid or Polylactide (PLA) 3D printer filaments are a corn based product made from high purity, high temperature pellets. It does not require a heated print bed and easily adheres to masking tapes. It is very hard, acetone resistant and can achieve faster print speeds and lower layer heights when properly used. It releases a mild, non-offensive sweet smell when heated and is the optimal choice for use in homes, schools and makers / hobbyists workshops or studios. PLA print temperature is 210 to 230C (Temperatures may vary between printers and colours).

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